Sloshee Margarita Popcicle

The Perfect Anytime Beverage

Sloshee is a convenient on-the-go popsicle that is ready to be enjoyed anytime! Whether it’s a hot summer day, or you just want to unwind, Sloshees are your go-to beverage!

sloshee box of 10 and wrapper

Original Lime Flavor

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Enjoy the most popular original lime flavor margarita ice pop!

Get To Know Sloshee

Sloshees are made and packaged with love by Bet-Wyn Beverages located in Amarillo, Texas. A family-owned company, we’re passionate about making fun quality beverages for every occasion.

Strawberry Flavor

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After much success with the Original Lime flavored Margarita Popsicle, we’re excited to announce our Strawberry Flavored Sloshee popsicle.

Our Journey Ahead

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After years of perfecting the World's Greatest Margarita Popsicle, Sloshee is excited to expand to a local area near you!

Check out our locations to see where to find us... If you don't see us at your store, contact us under our inquiry with info.