Sloshee Margarita Popcicle

What’s A Sloshee?

Margarita Ice Popsicle

Sloshees are made with all-natural ingredients. This makes Sloshee far superior both in quality and in taste, to the other brands on the market.

Sloshee Margarita Pops are specially formulated to freeze into ice pops, a fun and refreshing way to enjoy the world’s favorite cocktail. Its plastic sleeve makes Sloshee safe, portable, and convenient to be enjoyed and sipped anywhere. Sloshees can be enjoyed during a hot summer pool party, at the beach, or grab a pack for your next backyard barbecue.

Freeze Them

Sloshees are able to freeze in a normal household freezer. Due to alcohol content remove them from the box and place them in a single layer for best results. Once frozen, Sloshees are ready to enjoy. Don’t want a frozen margarita? Enjoy them on the rocks as well.

Eat Them

Sloshees are made from the best and freshest ingredients. We bring together distilled water, fresh lime juice, pure cane sugar, blue agave tequila, and triple sec for an authentic margarita experience.


Each Sloshee contains Blue Agave Tequila produced in the heart of the Jalisco region of Mexico. We worked with the best distillers to get a premium spirit unmatched by other margarita cocktails.